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Who We Are




pub·li·cist /ˈpəbləsəst/


noun: publicist; plural noun: publicists

  1. 1.

    a person responsible for publicizing a product, person, or company.

  2. 2.

    a journalist, especially one concerned with current affairs.

    • an expert on or writer in international law.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers. “
Daniel J. Boorstin – American historian, professor, attorney, and writer.

The IPY Agency (I'm Promoting You) is a recognized public relations consulting firm and is also adept in advice and guidance regarding marketing strategies, creative concepts, advertising and event planning.

Brand Experience – The ideas of the IPY Agency staff, engage the senses and create memorable moments while building buzz and extending advertising, publicity and promotion efforts already in place. Our work includes mobile marketing programs, media events, product launches, guerilla and street marketing, conferences, trade shows, and environments. From the initial concept to the last detail of execution, our programs invite curiosity in surprising ways that leave a lasting impression.

Writing Services - the creation of press kits, biographies, press releases, pitch letters, and website copy
Media Outreach - press release and press kit distribution; getting press-worthy topics out on the wire to our extensive network of tailored contacts in print, radio & broadcast
Editorial Outreach - targeted pitches including seasonal stories, trend stories, new product launches, event promotions, TV appearances and more
Contact Management - contacting & maintaining relationships with relevant connections for the client’s business goals
Non-Traditional Exposure - (our specialty) finding unconventional ways to get you exposure & visibility in the industry and the market place

Event Planning 

Event Creation - developing a press-worthy event concept
Event Production - for fashion shows, private parties, new product launches, performances, special events, and trade shows
Pre-Production Services - site inspections, negotiating rates, vendor recommendations, music, and catering
Event Planning - timeline logistics, staffing & branding coordination
Invitations: design, distribution and guest list management
Celebrity and VIPs - invites of high profile appearances and performances
Press Coverage for Events - including photographers, print press and broadcast media
Gift Bag Fulfillment - acquiring & compiling promotional items for gifting
Securing Sponsorships: to assist with funding, liquor promotions and gift bags for events
Event Execution: bringing the event concept on paper to life!