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The IPY Agency LLC (formerly I’m Promoting You LLC) is an Atlanta based boutique public relations and event planning agency offering a personal alternative to large firms. We work intimately with you to craft and execute a public relations plan that will exceed your expectations. As your partner, we aggressively spread the word and deliver excellent results.

In addition to providing traditional public relation techniques through print and broadcast media, IPY Agency is a leader in Online Media Marketing, utilizing social networks and digital distribution outlets. The Online Media Marketing includes preparation and maintenance of optimized SEO press releases that contains: Keyword Anchor Text, Embedded News Images, and URL Keywords. Additionally, we provide detailed reporting and analysis.

The IPY Agency strongly believes creative positioning and consistent product placement is critical in gaining exposure, building awareness, and ultimately motivating sales. Our goal is to assist our clients in receiving a return on their investment. We accomplish this by developing and executing unique, custom public relations.

The IPY Agency knows public relations starts at the ground level. We are committed to building a one-on-one working relationship, with various, highly-skilled media vendors, through retainer or project-based campaigns. We are thorough. Our media placement reaches your audience through targeted demographic and geographic campaigns.

Behind the doors of The IPY Agency, lies a haven:
1.    Creative and talented ideas
2.    Large media network
3.    Desire to grow your business


As advertising budgets and newsrooms are shrinking, media coverage about your company becomes more valuable. Consistent marketing is vital to your success.

The IPY Agency can help.